What will happen When you open your third eye ?

Since we know that, Our body have 7-Chakra, Out of these the most powerful​ chakra is the brow chakra which is situated in between your eye brows, famously knows as the third eye, exactly in the place where lord Shiva has the third eye. Infact all humans have it , but in this techno world no one recognize it's importance. In this material world everyone's third eye is blocked , yes it is , due to various factors like stress, pressure, greed, hate etc.

Once you start meditating , the body frequency increases with and mind starts increasing its energy, And when you have enough frequency in your body through meditation your third eye is opened, yes that is the time when impossible becomes possible.

Importance of Third Eye

When you open your third eye, once vision starts expanding to a higher dimensions, people experience a  sense of going into a tunnel while opening this chakra and hear loud Buzzing sounds.

Some of the impossible that may become possible by mediation of third eye are : 
i. Vision of higher dimensions. 
ii. Telepathy.
iii. Contact with your guardian angel.
iv. Contact with beings from other worlds.
v. Hear and see future and past events.
vi. Knowledge about past lives.
vii. Truth about life and death. 
viii. Truth about one's own existence.
ix. Astral travel. 
x. Increased memory.
xi. Increased intelligence and many more.

So, Why not start meditation ??

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