Meaning of Sun in vedic Astrology

In Astronomy, the Sun is the center of our solar system, and all the planets orbit around it. Astrology, however, is Earth-centric, meaning it’s based on our perspective of the planets, and their relationship to each other from here on Earth. So, when the Sun shifts from one zodiac sign to the next, it’s not the Sun that is physically moving, but our viewpoint of it -- and therefore, our connection to and relationship with its energies from Earth.As the sun puts forth light, so it brings forth life. This planet (also known as a luminary and a star) represents the self, one’s personality and ego, the spirit and what it is that makes the individual unique. It is our identity and our face to the world. The sun also speaks to creative ability and the power of the individual to meet the challenges of everyday life.

One’s natural father, husbands and other male influences are ruled by the sun, as are children. The sun’s energy is a forceful one, and in its wake comes authority, the ability to lead and an individual’s essence, their core being. Through the will of this planet, we learn to manifest ourselves in the world.The gifts of the Sun are open hearts, generous spirits, creative impulses, playfulness, and love. It is the astrological symbol of life and identity, the luminous self, inside the web of relationships, and ideas and activities that occupy much of our lives. 

You can get deep psychological insight about how the Sun and other planets shape who you are with a personalized birth chart.The fiery Sun is also about taking risks by expressing ourselves with less concern regarding the consequences. This is not, however, an excuse to criticize other people because the key to solar consciousness is to stay connected with yourself. The power to transform your life is not in the hands of others, but instead lies within your own body, mind, and spirit. When we extend ourselves into the world with play, art, imagination, and physical activity, the Sun shines brightly in our hearts.

Fast Sun Facts in Astrology

Zodiac sign the Sun rules: Leo

Exalted in: Aries

House the Sun rules: 5th House of Expression and Play

The Sun stays in each zodiac sign for: about one month

The Sun makes a complete trip through the zodiac: once every year

The Sun in mythology: In Roman mythology, the Sun is associated with Apollo (or in Greek mythology, Helios), the God of Light or the Sun God

Sun and Leo in Astrology

The expressive Sun is associated with the zodiac sign Leo. Just like the Sun is the center of the solar system, Leo likes to be the center of everyone’s attention! In Astrology, Leos are known to dazzle with charm, drama, and warmth. The Sun is a physical manifestation of all these characteristics.

The Sun and the 5th House

The Sun rules the 5th House of Expression. The 5th House encourages creativity and fun! This house, like the Sun and Leo, is about being open to new experiences and enjoying life: through romance, hobbies, children, and even gambling.

Positive and Negative Results of Sun

A transiting Sun can impact one’s life in more ways than one. If transit Sun is placed in 3rd house, it indicates possibility of wealth, profit from land or property, fame, and respect. But at the same time, it may lead to problems with brothers and disputes due to ego. Its placement in 6th house and 11th house, frees oneself from diseases and gives success. And in 10th house, it ensures positive outcomes and profit from government.

Transiting Sun in 1st house makes one tired and erratic and gives some unavoidable travels. In 2nd house, it increases health complications, wealth loss and problems with partner. In 5th house, Sun makes the native twitchy while its placement in 7th house indicates loss of respect and defame. Sun in 8th house may give you issues related to government or authority. And in 9th house, it may lead to family problems especially separation from relatives and disappointment overall. 12th house based Sun may increase expenses.

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