Why and How Lord Shiva Killed Jalandhara ?

Story behind birth and name of Jalandhara

According to the Shiva Purana - Rudra Samhita - Yuddha Khanda - 13 to 24, Lord Shiva Killed Jalandhara: Once Indra and Brihaspati went to Kailasha to test the knowledge of Lord Shiva. Knowing their intentions Lord Shiva took the form of a naked ascetic with matted hairs. In that form he obstructed the way of Indra and Brihaspati. Indra asked the ascetic who he was. But inspite of asking him several times, the ascetic remained silent. Indra became angry and lifted his weapon vajra to strike the ascetic. Lord Shiva deactivates the lifted hand of Indra. He then generated heat through his third eye and started burning Indra. Brihaspati realised that the ascetic was none other than Lord Shiva himself. He eulogized Lord Shiva and prayed to him to pacify the fire from his third eye. Lord Shiva told that the fire which has come out of his third eye cannot be withdrawn. He however directed the fire to the ocean of salt water.

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At the confluence of river Ganga with the ocean (Ganga Sagara), the fire took the form of an infant who started crying loudly. The cry was so terrific that it shook the heaven. The devas took refuge of Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma came to the sea shore and asked the ocean god about the child. The ocean god was not able to tell it and requested Lord Brahma to perform the birth rites of the child. The child caught hold of the neck of Lord Brahma and started shaking him. Shaken by the child, tears started flowing from the eyes of Lord Brahma. Since the child made tears flow from his eyes, Lord Brahma named the child as Jalandhara. He also gave the boon that the child will become youth immediately and will be so strong that no one will be able to defeat him. Only Lord Shiva will be able to slay him. He will have a chaste wife who will multiply his fortunes. Then Lord Brahma performed the birth rites of the child through Shukracharya. The ocean god looked after Jalandhara Demon. Thereafter he married Jalandhara to Vrinda, the daughter of demon Kalanemi.

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Once Jalandhara asked Shukracharya about the headless Rahu. Coming to know about the trick of the devas which made Rahu headless, Jalandhara became angry. He attacked the devas and conquered heaven with his great prowess. The devas took refuge of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu himself came to fight with Jalandhara. A terrible fight ensued between Jalandhara and Lord Vishnu. However since Jalandhara was a part of Lord Shiva, he cannot be defeated. Lord Vishnu became pleased by the valour of Jalandhara and told him to ask for a boon. Jalandhara asked the boon that Lord Vishnu stay in the ocean with Devi Lakshmi. Lord Vishnu granted the boon.

The devas finally prayed to Lord Shiva to put an end to Jalandhara Asura. Inspired by Lord Shiva, Narada went to Jalandhara and described the beauty of Devi Parvati to him. Jalandhara wanted to own Devi Parvati and through a messenger asked Lord Shiva to hand her to him. When Lord Shiva declined Jalandhara waged a war with Lord Shiva to capture Devi Parvati. There was a terrific battle between the Shiva ganas and the army of demons. Jalandhara also displayed his mighty powers. He also remained unconquerable due to the chastity of his wife Vrinda. Knowing that Jalandhara cannot be defeated due to the chastity of his wife, Lord Vishnu took the guise of Jalandhara and destroyed the chastity of Vrinda. Thereafter Lord Shiva Killed Jalandara in a terrible fight and relieved the devas from their sufferings.

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