Things to know about Mars (Mangal) in Vedic Astrology

 In astrology , Mars is fiery, dry and masculine in nature which owns two signs named as Mesh or Aries and Vrischika or Scorpio. Mars gets exalted at 28 degree in Makara or Capricorn sign and debilated in Cancer or Karkat at 28 Degree. Mooltrikona rashi is Aries or Mesh. He has high stature and blood red complexion. It has much to do with one’s desires and ambition. It symbolizes the senses. In general, Mars is  said to be a malefic planet. It bestows you with a quick mental activity and extraordinary muscular strength, strong determination, ambition to come out successfully in material field, leadership quality. It gives you a chance in every arena of life you desire for. Mars is the planet of our desires, actions, energy, passion, war, aggression, sex, and assertion, It shows how you take action and argue, and reveals your sexual inclinations, Mars also depicts how one uses their innate energy to achieve their goals.The planet mars which is the ruler of first and eighth house of astrology , represents our source of enerygy. 

Hindu Mythology about Planet Mars

According to the Hindu mythology, Mars (mangal) is the  son of mother planet Earth also known as bhumiputra. It is also identified with the god of war Kartikeya  It is believed that when Earth was submerged in the vast expanse of sea, Lord Vishnu lifted the Earth in his Varaha Avatar, brought it out and placed it in a suitable orbit. Mother Earth became grateful and asked for a feminine boon. God agreed on providing a boon. As a result, Mangal was born with the godly representation of God Muruga, Subramanya, Kumaraswamy, Velayudham or Vadivel. He is also considered as Commander-in-Chief of celestial bodies. It also rules over “Samveda”.

In Western Astrology, It is believed that the Mars is the deity of Buddhists and God of Romans. It is also considered as God of War and Hunting. The other name of Mars is Kuja in Sanskrit and Sevvai in Tamil. He is also a God of Disputes, Destruction and War and God of Energy and Force.

Significance of Mars in Vedic Astrology

Mars represents the “younger siblings or specially brother” in native’s birth chart. It rules over first house and eighth house in Kaal Purush Kundali in Vedic Astrology and the significator of third house and fourth house. Third house is the house of valour with Mars holding this position in horoscope. Likewise, Sixth House is house of Debt, Diseases and Enemies and again Mars can do much better in this house as it has good fighting ability, that will provide you the force to cope up better in the areas associated with sixth house.

In a horoscope, Planets Mars rules the courage and confidence. Occupation wise mars represents military, soldiers, warriors, builders, engineers and real estate business. Famous surgeons also have the good positions of Mars in their horoscopes. In modern times, marketing is also under the control of Mars.

Police, Military and Para Military department also comes under the influence of Mars. This also governs technical and engineering field and person with good Mars is bound to have excellent qualities of being technical mind. Martians prefers arguments and are short-tempered.

Mars in Ascendant makes the person look young. Other qualities or Mars , if posited favorable, are energy, administrative skills, determination in all fields of life. If this is posited adversely it gives aggression and anger and creates hurdles in life. Gemstone of Mars is red coral.

Mars is considered malefic but for cancer and Leo ascendant , this becomes yogkarkaka and bestows the native with prosperity and wealth. Mars is the ruler of Aries and Scorpio zodiac signs. it has been observed that mars give open aggressiveness to Arians and secretive aggressiveness to scorpions.

Mangalik Dosha in Vedic Astrology

Mars also controls passion and indicates strong and uncontrollable sexual urge. Mars plays very important role in marriage of a girl and boy. In vedic Astrology Mangalik dosha is very famous. Therefore, the horscopes of both boy and girl and matched before finalizing the proposal of marriage. this dosha may cause hurdles, breaks, disputes and even divorce in the martial life of the person. placement of Mars in 1st, 4th , 7th ,8th and 12th house of a horscope causes Mangalik Dosha.

Body parts related to Mars in Astrology

Mars (Mangal) represents the muscular system, left ear, face and head, bladder, nose, sense of taste, uterus, pelvis, kidney, prostate gland, groins, rectum, colon, testicles and red bone marrow.

Physical appearance related to Mars 

People born under the strong influence of planet Mars will have white complexion with a shade of red. The native will be tall and muscular. There will be pimples on face. The eyes will be round. Their waists will be narrow and bones will be full of red bone marrow.

Diseases associated with the planet Mars

All acute fevers, Small-pox, Chicken pox, Plague, Measles, Mumps, inflammatory complaints, burns, ruptures of capillaries, Fistula, wounds, cuts, brain fever, Hemorrhage Typhoid, Puerperal fever, ulcer in intestines, malaria, Abortions, boils, bleeding, Tumour, Tetanus etc.

Characteristics of Strong Mars in birth chart

If Mars is placed positively in your birth chart, then it bestows you with a good personality. It will become very beneficial for you. It provides you with valour, energy and force to compete with your enemies, debt, diseases and competitions. You will be very quick minded and will not take much time to take decisions. 

It means placement of Mars in favorable sign or exaltation sign, which confers good results and strong will power to face any difficult situation. You would have good leadership attributes inherent within you and only believe in giving orders to others to perform any task. Mars is the planet which makes the native adventurous and independent. They do not relish suggestions from others. “Mars is the Commander In Chief for brother and landed property”

Beneficial Mars in birth chart provides you physical strength to overcome from upcoming difficulties. Your opposition will not dare to face you. Mostly, people will follow your orders.

Afflicted Mars: Afflicted Mars will not be good as one will be rash, temperamental and foolhardy. One will be quarrelsome. One will always be ready for violence and won’t hesitate to take the aggressive steps.

Being a fiery planet, a native may get employed in defense sectors like military, police, in arms and ammunitions etc. Hunters and gunners also have a strong influence of Mars over 2nd, 6th or 10th house. Chemists, dentists, surgeons, butchers and barbers are governed by the planet Mars. Those who deal in iron and steel, kitchen, boilers, steam engines etc., are under the rule of Mars. It also denotes factory, dealers in corals, ruby, red articles, thief, robber, dacoit, murderer etc.

Professional streams also depend on the PAC (Position-Aspect-Conjunction) connection with other influencing planets. In short, we can say that the nature of Planet Mars in profession or career varies with the combination of Mars with other planets. 

Fire is the element of Mars. It is recognized as defense minister in the solar system .His numerological number is 9.

Mars has control on production of weapons, fire-arms, crackers and explosives. Its element is copper. Mars governs mainly the red blood and the bone marrow in human body. 

Direction of Mars is South and colour is Red. It has furious and aggressive and the constellations ruled are Mrigshira,chitra and Dhanishta. Friendly planets of mars are Jupiter, Sun, Moon and enemy planets of mars are Saturn and Rahu , ketu. Neutral planets of Mars are Mercury and Venus.

Own sign of Mars is  Aries, Scorpio and is in mool trikon in Aries.

Mars is exalted in Capricorn and debilitated in Cancer.

Metal related to Mars is Copper and it has Vimshottari mahadasha perio is 7 years.

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