Rohini Nakshatra (Birth star) in Vedic Astrology

There are 27 Nakshatra in Astrology. Rohini is the 4th Nakshatra and is governed by ‘Prajapati Brahma’ and driven by the planetary impact of the Moon, general attributes involving Rohini nakshatra incorporate the essence of fertility, conception, growth, and development. The profoundly productive birth star signifies the pith of characteristic development, sustenance, and development. Redness related to this birth star draws out its overall qualities of energetic warmth and power.

Rohini is found altogether inside the star grouping of Taurus zodiac signs from 40°00′ to 53°20′. In the night sky, it is composed of the bright star known as Aldebaran (Alpha-Tauri). The name Rohini interprets as “The Reddish One” which implies the energetic and bountiful warmth of this star. An ox cart’s image reflects business, fruitfulness, and the capacity to convey merchandise or thoughts. Brahma, the God of Creation, is the decision divinity who gives Rohini an imaginative and materialistic nature. Individuals brought into the world under Rohini Nakshatra have incredible allure and utilize their appeal to stand out enough to be noticed by others. 

Rohini is the wife of Chandra who is said to have been fond of fine dresses, cosmetics, and decor and was the most beloved of Chandra or Moon. The word Rohini is derived from "Rohan" which means 'to rise' or 'to bring into existence. The other name of Rohini is Suravi - the celestial cow.

Rohini Nakshatra in Astrology

Rohini Nakshatra Male Characteristics

The native of the Rohini Nakshatra can be very hot-tempered. Then he becomes tough to control and becomes very stubborn. He does not care for anyone’s opinions in this frame of mind except his own. This native is prone to fault-finding and is continuously looking out to find something to criticize in others. He mostly follows his heart rather than his brain. However, he is a loving family man and can sacrifice everything for his near and dear ones.

Rohini Nakshatra Male Profession 

The male native of the Rohini Nakshatra has been observed and faces a lot of trials and tribulations between the ages of 18 and 36 years. These problems will be on the economic, social, and health grounds. These natives enjoy their best phase between 38-50 and 65-75 years. He should be cautious of business partners, or people may cheat on him. The native should always be aware not to confide all his plans to anyone unless he is fully sure that he is entirely worthy of his trust.

Rohini Nakshatra Male: Compatibility and Family Life 

The native of the Rohini Nakshatra, it has been observed, will not benefit from his father. He is likely to be more attached to his mother and other relatives from his mother’s side. He may not strictly follow religious and moral laws. Therefore it has been observed that his married life usually remains disturbed.

Rohini Nakshatra Male: Health

The male native of the Rohini Nakshatra will be vulnerable to diseases related to blood, such as blood cancer or blood sugar. Jaundice and urinary disorders may also trouble him.

Rohini Nakshatra Female Characteristics

The female native of the Rohini Nakshatra is well-mannered and well-dressed. Though she is very weak from the inside, outside, she makes people believe that she is an influential person. This native is pragmatic but can be very hot-tempered and even violent when provoked.

Rohini Nakshatra Female Profession

The female native of the Rohini Nakshatra is capable of doing any work entrusted to her. This native has an average education and is ideally suited to pursue the profession of a fashion designer.

Rohini Nakshatra Female: Compatibility and Family Life  

The female native of the Rohini Nakshatra will enjoy her family life. She will love her husband, which will be equally reciprocated, and children will give her great pleasure. However, she sometimes develops a tendency to suspect her husband out of jealousy. If she does not control this tendency, her marriage can even end up in a divorce.

 Rohini Nakshatra Female: Health and Well-Being

The health of this native will mostly not cause any concerns. Some minor ailments she may have include leg pain, breast pain, menstrual problems, and a sore throat.

4 Padas of Rohini Nakshatra 

First Pada: This pada falls in Aries Navamsa and is governed by Mars. Planets here need speedy fire material outcomes. Just a very well positioned Sun and Mars do well here.

Second Pada: This pada falls in Taurus Navamsa controlled by Venus. It best embodies all a big motivator for Rohini. Planets here, for the most part, give wealth. Being a Vargottama pada, it provides excellent results. It is the most grounded pada in the zodiac with regards to completion and satisfaction of wants. The Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are excellent here.

Third Pada: This pada falls in Gemini Navamsa managed by Mercury. The focal point of this pada is on expressions, sciences, and business. It is the most adaptable and adroit among Rohini’s padas. Mercury, Venus, and Saturn give reliable outcomes in this pada.

Fourth pada: This pada falls in Cancer Navamsa administered by Moon. Money comes in through short voyages. Planets set here have a maternal quality to them yet can get exceptionally possessive and extremist. Only. Only a well-placed Moon or Jupiter works fine here.

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